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Grow your future at Loper Machine through the MOE Jr Internship

At Loper Machine we understand the challenges that the next generation of machinists will face. The "college for all" plan has created a crater in students ability to gain skills and experience in trade careers, and leaves students targeting trade based career paths with less than ideal skills leaving high-school. With the growing demand for skilled CNC machinists and programmers to support the domestic manufacturing of defense related articles. We set a goal to provide an opportunity for high school students and graduates to gain real world experience in an actual machine shop under the close supervision of expert machinists. Our program utilizes the TITANS of CNC ACADEMY courses to provide CAM training and a step by step approach to programming, fixturing, and machining strategy. As a small group, we are working hard to provide the next generation of CNC machinists an opportunity to get a start in the trade.      

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